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Our History

2004: Our original die cast factory was established. It was setup by two highly successful entrepreneurs from a renowned Taiwanese die cast factory. The initial focus was on the designing as well as the manufacturing of aluminium and zinc alloy die cast molds and parts. The key focus was within the Chinese domestic market, primarily in the Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu Provinces; simultaneously the company started cooperating with several professional international trading, mold designing and engineering companies in Shenzhen.


2009: Our Hong Kong company was established. Having grown exponentially within a five-year period, we quickly broadened our scope and acquired numerous international Clients who demanded the reliable and high-quality products and services at the competitive prices that we could provide. This, however, also provided us with a challenge in respect to payments and regulatory limitations on receiving foreign currency directly and dealing with international business exporting issues. The logical outcome of this was for us to set up a company within Hong Kong to ensure a smooth and efficient payment process for our global Clients.


2010: Our company expanded to two centers based on specific sectors; the first being the manufacturing of the original die cast parts, while the second was the manufacturing of automotive industry products. This was due to our tremendous growth in both sectors, and with each industry having specific manufacturing processes, each required a different location, specialized management, and focused development plans. The original die cast business was moved to Dongguan with the focus on the automotive industry, and its production rapidly rose while the other sector remained in Shenzhen specializing solely in the manufacturing of die cast parts.


2014: Our new machining sector was established, and shortly thereafter our new die cast business unit and CNC machining center was moved to Dongguan. A further rapid increase in Client’s orders and related growth created a shortage of space, which resulted in the CNC machined sector being separated from the new machining die cast sector. The outcome of the change was that a new machining center was established in Shenzhen in 2014.


2016: Due to certain ownership and top-level management enhancements, our international sales office moved back to the old die cast sector in Shenzhen towards the end of 2017, from where we now manage all the European and Global market projects.


2020: Our international marketing and sales office was set up in November 2020.