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Additional Metal Parts

The Joyras group has the expertise, skill, and capabilities to supply supplementary metal parts with other cast manufacturing processes for instance aluminium extruded components, steel lost wax cast parts, aluminium alloy gravity cast parts and aluminium alloy sand cast parts in some special cases in order to provide a turnkey solution and support customers to the best of our ability for the long run. Additional metal parts enables our customers to save time in obtaining finished assembled parts and ensures that their products will be launched into market at the expected time.

While additional metal parts of extruded parts/lost wax cast parts/gravity cast parts and sand cast parts are not our central product catalogue, we acknowledge and appreciate that these types of metal parts are widely used in the same industries as die casting and CNC machined components. Hence, over the years, we have developed a stable supply chain in order to support customers to source and manage suitable, reliable, and competitive partners. 

Providing ancillary metal parts enables the Joyras team to manage the entire process for optimal product results as well as ensures that our main die cast and machined parts projects are not affected in the whole project management process when additional parts are required to complete the overall project to the overseas customers.
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