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Molds and Toolings

The third leading strength of the Joyras group die casting sector is to design and manufacture various molds or toolings for both our inhouse manufacturing, alternatively for exporting. Our principal molds or toolings are aluminium alloy and zinc alloy die casting which cover different industries such as LED lighting, Household Appliances, Office Appliances, Hardware & Building Materials, Medical Equipment, Electronics Equipment, Telecommunications, Security Equipment, Sports Equipment, Automotive to name just a few. 
We have the proficiency and ability of molds or tooling production with our exceptional services in: 
Tooling design-3D
Mold Layout-2D 
Design for manufacturing(DFM)
Potential risks analysis and proposals

Throughout the manufacturing process of molds or toolings, we will accurately arrange detailed engineering analysis after customers issue their final 3d drawings. We furnish our 3d tooling drawings together with professional designs for manufacturing and our proposals within 1-3 working days. 
For the choice of the molds or toolings’ cavity and materials, we judiciously consider the quantity, structures of the parts.H13 or SKD61 are common mold materials for our aluminium alloy and zinc alloy die cast molds or toolings, which can deliver 60,000 shot molds or toolings’ life in aluminium alloy die cast molds and 150,000 shot molds or tooling’s life in zinc alloy die casting tooling. 
For most of molds or toolings which have reached end-of-life, we continuously produce a duplicate mold or tooling free of charge to ensure any future continuous production. Our aluminum alloy and zinc alloy die casting molds or toolings can also facilitate any of our clients exporting requirements if the customer desires to arrange the following production in their own country aside from our inhouse manufacturing.
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