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Zinc Alloy Die Casting

Zinc alloy die casting is an additional advantageous product offering of Joyras group die casting sector. We have been involved in the manufacturing and exporting all kinds of superior zinc alloy die casting parts, which also covers LED lighting, Household Appliances, Office Appliances, Hardware & Building Materials, Medical Equipment, Electronics Equipment, Telecommunications, Security Equipment, Sports Equipment, Automotive etc. 
Joyras has the aptitude and capability to die cast any variety and composition of zinc alloy die casting parts with our exceptional services in: 
Tooling design and fabrication
Production part approval process (PPAP)
Mass production

Our professional zinc alloy die casting engineering and international marketing team will ensure that zinc alloy die casting parts will be supplied with extremely competitive price and outstanding quality.
Throughout the manufacturing process of the zinc alloy die casting parts, we will strictly adhere to the requirements of the following manufacturing standards: ISO8062 and ISO 2768-MK, or the customer’s special requirements for zinc alloy die casting process. ISO 9001 2015 quality standard is used for most of zinc alloy die casting parts or TS16949 and for the automotive zinc alloy die casting parts, RoHS for surface finish standards are also applied. We predominantly served the European and Chinese domestic markets, but as our business is rapidly expanding, we are now progressively supplying more customers worldwide. 
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Joyras is one of the advanced Zinc Alloy Die Casting manufacturers and suppliers in China.Joyras sale high quality and customized Zinc Alloy Die Casting.Welcome to buy our Zinc Alloy Die Casting free sample,contact us right now,we will give you quotation as soon as possible.