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International Markets Management Team

The Joyras International Markets Management Team boasts well over 55-years of collective experience in strategic, marketing, operations, project, and general business management, with specific competencies in die casting manufacturing, parts machining, tooling, and parts procurement. Our unique and strong collective skillset gives you, our Client, the reassurance, and confidence that all your needs and requirements shall be fulfilled with the utmost professionalism.



Adriano Tabasso – Vice President

Adriano has been operating in various corporate enterprises for well over 20 years during which he has accumulated extensive knowledge of numerous industries; this has endowed him with an exceptional talent for cross-industry business management.


His multifaceted expertise spans several industries, notably in business, marketing, and sales management positions, where he honed his strong analytical and administration skills in addition to exceptional interpersonal client interaction and relationship support skills.

Having majored in Economics, Business and Computer Information Management, he is able to combine his formal qualifications with his wealth of business experience and apply it to his position as Strategic and Marketing Executive to ensure that Joyras operates at its peak performance and potential.


Adriano brings to the Joyras table a vast knowledge and wealth of additional all-round skills and experience beyond manufacturing including commodities and metals over the counter (OTC), physical trading and derivatives, import-export, software development and Financial and Economic management.  

In addition to this, his vast experience as a director of numerous international firms has contributed to him acquiring a vast knowledge of company financial structures, coupled with extensive organizational skills. This has endowed him with a solid ‘all-rounder’ approach to facilitate and act hands-on with management, high level tactical operations and seamless decision-making execution.


Lydia Lee - General Manager

Lydia Lee has more than 13 years of successful experience in project management, specifically in the field of manufacturing, die-casting, and import/export.


She is energetic, passionate, confident, optimistic, motivated, purposeful, and cooperative. Her critical, inductive, deductive, and systematic thinking provides her with unique competitive advantages.


Lydia Lee operates at maximum efficiency and can handle pressure exceptionally well with a very ‘client centric’ approach, ensuring that every client’s needs and requirements are met to the best of her ability. She has professional and outstanding communication skills with an ability to unite a team and simply get things done. Lydia Lee acts as the Joyras’ ‘linchpin’ ensuring that the entire business is managed and operates smoothly and successfully and maintain all clients happy and satisfied.


Her strong resilience and sharp quick thinking, coupled with all her experience, allows her to swiftly solve challenging and complex issues. She can easily handle very demanding work and difficult situations, with a positive and pioneering attitude. She also has a strong teamwork spirit and excellent communication skills.


Effly Lee - Operations Manager

Effly Lee has more than 12 years’ experience in the die cast industry, during which she specialized in import-export management in both air freight and sea freight.


Effly Lee has good communication skills, especially in merchandising production and delivery with both clients and suppliers.

She is exceptionally reliable, easy-going, discreet, and very efficient. She prides herself in always being diligent and methodical.


Eric Fang: Quality Control Manager

Eric has more than 12 years’ experience working for one of the largest multinational corporations.

During this period, he rose from the position of Warehouse Inspector to that of High-Level Quality Inspection Manager where he managed a 16-member team.


Eric is an expert in several inspection standards, including American and European standards relating to a great variety of hardware components and finished parts.


Eric is composed and rigorous in his business dealings and can communicate and write in English competently.