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Highly competitive pricing

If competitive pricing without compromise on quality is of the utmost importance to your organization, look no further, we are your best choice.

Superior Quality Control

If you are currently experiencing sub-standard quality, quality control issues, or challenges with your current product manufacturer or supplier, and you need reassurance and peace of mind, we are your best choice.

Powerful Sales and Customer Service

If you are looking for exceptional support and fast feedback throughout the entire project’s life cycle, from the quotation, follow up and complaints solving stages, we are undoubtably your first choice.

Strong Operations Management

If you are overwhelmed by administration overload and require reliance on a manufacturing partner with strict operational management skills, including the best air and sea shipping solutions, then Joyras is your partner of choice.

Joyras Group Co., Ltd.

The Joyras Group is a reputable, reliable, and highly experienced one-stop manufacturer and trader of both die cast molds and parts including a wide range of machined components. We pride ourselves in our efficiency, honesty, reliability, and flexibility to meet the unique and bespoke production needs of our Clients.
We are mainly engaged in manufacturing of aluminium and zinc alloy die casts, molds and toolings, parts machining and the manufacturing and procuring of any additional metal parts required to complete the assembly of a product.