Method of mold release


1. Add additives;
Mixing additives such as oily hydrocarbons or water into the sintered powder will decompose during sintering and then escape along the gap of the mold wall. This is beneficial to obtain a complete sintered part and increase the life of the mold.
2. Hot demoulding;
When making ring-shaped parts, it is difficult to demold due to shrinkage during cooling. When the sintering is finished, when the sintered product is not yet cooled, the forming rod is taken out while it is hot, and the die is pushed up, and the sintered product can be taken out. Since this process is completely carried out in a hot state, it is more convenient to demold, and it is also convenient to reshape the workpiece, and the press device may also be miniaturized.
3. High-frequency heating mold;

If a high-frequency heating coil is installed around the mold to maintain the temperature at 200 to 500 degrees Celsius, so that the mold will generate thermal expansion, it will be easy to demold.