Aluminum alloy die casting production process


Aluminum alloy die casting is to use high pressure to press molten metal into the cavity of precision metal mold at high speed, and the molten metal cools and solidifies under pressure to form aluminum alloy die castings.

Cold chamber die casting and hot chamber die casting are two basic methods of die casting process. In cold chamber die casting, molten metal is injected into the die casting chamber by manual or automatic pouring devices, and then the injection punch advances to hydraulically press the metal into the cavity. In the hot chamber die casting process, the pressure chamber is perpendicular to the crucible, and the molten metal automatically flows into the pressure chamber through the feed port on the pressure chamber.The injection punch moves down, pushing the molten metal through the gooseneck into the cavity. After the molten metal solidifies, the die-casting mold is opened, the casting is taken out, and an aluminum alloy die-casting cycle is completed.